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About the Organizer

This conference is organized by the German-based Lupcon Center for Business Research. Please visit the organizer's website to learn more about its mission and activites:

Job Market Candidates

Are you a job market candidate? At the conference we are going to distribute the profiles of job market candidates among all participants, encouraging networking among job seekers and those who are hiring. Please contact us for further details.

Join us for the Forum on IO and Marketing 2016

Join us for our 2016 conference in Lisbon, Portugal, to present and discuss your research findings on industrial organization, benefitting not only from the feedback of industrial organization peers, but also from the presence of an audience well informed on the pressing marketing issues of the day.

This industrial organization academic meeting is embedded into our long-time LCBR European Marketing Conference. We invite economics researchers classified as “L” according to the JEL classification to add a new and important dimension to our longstanding marketing conference.

Our evening reception, the lunch buffet, and the coffee breaks all provide excellent networking opportunities to meet colleages from industrial organization and other areas that are linked to IO.

This academic conference is hosted by the Lupcon Center for Business Research, which is headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. Please visit LCBR‘s website for more information about the host: